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Can you imagine the impact if over the next 12 months we invite One Million

un-churched people to attend church within each of our 50 States?


Join with us and let us lead your church in a Prayer and Harvest Campaign

that we 100% Guarantee will reach people for Christ and grow your church.

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Church Growth is not a Goal;

It is a consequence of continuous prayer and effective outreach and evangelism!


Prayer and Harvest Campaign Benefits:

  • nRe-Energizing your Church for reaching the Lost and un-Churched

  • nRe-Vitalizing your Church with a Heart of Compassion, Prayer, and Evangelism

  • nRe-Activating your Non-Attending Church Members


    So the churches were strengthened in the faith, and increased in number daily.
    Acts 16:5


    "Be a Great Commission Church, not just a great community church"


Should you have questions or are interested in knowing more about our Prayer and Harvest program

Contact Us Today

Toll Free: 1-(866) 475-1699

Atlanta: (404) 551-4230

Local: (706) 864-4055

E-Mail: info@PrayerAndHarvest.com


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